What Warriors must do to keep title window open

warriors must title window open

The Golden State Warriors have been one of the most successful teams in the NBA over the last few years, winning three championships in five years. However, as they enter a new season, the Warriors must focus on what they need to do to keep their championship window open.

The first and most obvious step is to stay healthy. Injuries can derail any team’s season, and the Warriors have experienced this first-hand in recent years. With the departure of Kevin Durant, the burden of leading the team falls largely on the shoulders of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. The two-time MVP missed a large part of last season due to injury and will need to stay healthy if the Warriors are to compete at the highest level.

The Warriors will also need to integrate their new players quickly. The team added D’Angelo Russell, who was an All-Star last season with the Brooklyn Nets, and will need to find ways to fit him into the team’s system. They also brought in a number of other role players, including Willie Cauley-Stein, Glenn Robinson III, and Alec Burks. It will be up to head coach Steve Kerr to find ways to utilize these new players effectively to help the team continue its success.

Another key for the Warriors will be to maintain their defensive identity. Historically, the team has been known for its strong defense, and that will need to continue if they hope to compete for another championship. Draymond Green is the anchor of the team’s defense, and if he can continue to lead the way, the Warriors will be a tough team to beat.

Finally, the Warriors must maintain their team chemistry. The departure of Durant could create some turmoil in the locker room, and the team will need to work together to ensure everyone is on the same page. Curry and Thompson have been the leaders of the team for years, and if they can continue to keep the team focused and motivated, the Warriors should have a strong chance of competing for another championship.

In conclusion, the Warriors must focus on staying healthy, integrating new players, maintaining their defensive identity, and keeping their team chemistry strong if they want to keep their championship window open. With Curry and Thompson leading the way, there is still plenty of reason to believe that the Warriors can remain one of the NBA’s elite teams for years to come.

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