Warriors may have backup plan in event GM Bob Myers leaves team

warriors backup plan event gm leaves

The Golden State Warriors may have found a potential backup plan in case General Manager Bob Myers decides to leave the team in the future.

Myers, who has been with the team since 2011, has built one of the most successful franchises in NBA history. Under his leadership, the Warriors have won three championships and made five NBA Finals appearances.

However, recent reports suggest that Myers may leave the team after his contract expires at the end of the 2020-21 season. This has caused concern among Warriors fans who are worried that the team’s success may falter without him.

But the Warriors may have already found a solution to this potential problem. The team recently hired former NBA player and executive Shaun Livingston as its director of player affairs and engagement.

Livingston, who played for the Warriors from 2014 to 2019, was a key contributor to the team’s championship runs during that time. He also has experience working in the front office, having served as a scout and an assistant general manager for the Brooklyn Nets.

Many believe that Livingston could be a strong candidate to replace Myers should he decide to leave the team. Livingston has a good relationship with Warriors owner Joe Lacob and has shown a keen understanding of the game during his time in the NBA.

In addition, Livingston’s hiring is part of a larger trend of former players transitioning into executive roles in the NBA. Many teams have brought on former players as part of their front office staff, citing their experience and understanding of the game as valuable assets.

The Warriors have been particularly successful at this, with former players like Steve Kerr, Chris Mullin, and Zaza Pachulia all holding various roles within the organization.

Ultimately, whether Myers stays with the team or not, the Warriors appear to be in good hands. Livingston’s addition to the front office shows that the team is thinking ahead and preparing for any potential changes that may come their way.

It also reflects a larger trend in the NBA, where top teams are increasingly turning to former players to help guide their franchises to success. If Livingston is indeed groomed as Myers’ potential successor, he will have big shoes to fill – but his experience as both a player and an executive may make him the perfect candidate for the job.

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