Vikings HC Kevin O’Connell remains noncommittal on star’s future with team

Vikings HC Kevin OConnell remains noncommittal on stars future with

The future of Minnesota Vikings star quarterback Kirk Cousins has been a topic of discussion among NFL analysts and fans alike, and the team’s new head coach Kevin O’Connell has recently added fuel to the fire by remaining noncommittal on Cousins’ future with the squad.

When asked about Cousins’ future with the Vikings during a recent press conference, O’Connell stated, “All I can say right now is that Kirk is our quarterback for now, and we’re focused on getting the most out of him. But we’re always evaluating our roster and looking for ways to improve.”

While some fans and analysts have interpreted O’Connell’s comments as a sign that Cousins could be on the trading block, others caution against drawing conclusions from the coach’s remarks.

One thing is certain, however – Cousins’ hefty contract makes him a difficult player to move. The quarterback is currently signed through 2022 and is owed over $31 million in guaranteed money for the upcoming season alone.

Despite his lucrative deal, Cousins has faced criticism over his performance in big games, and many fans and analysts believe the Vikings may be better off moving on from him and seeking a younger, more dynamic quarterback.

O’Connell, who was appointed as the Vikings’ head coach earlier this year, comes to the team with a reputation as a talented offensive mind. He previously worked as the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Rams and the Washington Football Team, where he earned praise for his work with quarterbacks Jared Goff and Alex Smith.

Given his background, it’s possible that O’Connell has his eye on a young signal-caller he believes could thrive in his offensive system. Alternatively, he may simply be playing his cards close to the vest and leaving all options open when it comes to the Vikings’ roster.

Regardless of what the future holds for Cousins and the Vikings, it’s clear that O’Connell is taking a measured and deliberate approach to his team’s quarterback situation. Whether the head coach ultimately decides to stick with Cousins or pursue other options, fans will be watching closely as the team approaches the upcoming season.

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