Saints decide to bring WR Michael Thomas back after all

Saints decide to bring WR Michael Thomas back after all

It was a rollercoaster ride for New Orleans Saints fans, as the team’s star wide receiver Michael Thomas had a tumultuous off-season. Thomas was one of the top wideouts in the league, but when reports emerged that he was unhappy with the organization and drew criticism from teammates, trade rumors swirled around him. However, the latest news revealed that the Saints have decided to bring back Michael Thomas after all.

The decision came after months of speculation that the Saints might part ways with Thomas, one of the best receivers in the NFL. Reports of his dissatisfaction with the team surfaced after he missed multiple games due to injury, and it was alleged that he refused to play in the team’s final game of the season. This attitude did not sit well with some of his teammates, and speculation swirled that the Saints would look to trade him in the off-season.

However, after a few months of negotiations and discussions, the team signed off on bringing Thomas back on board. The deal comes at an important time, as the team is in a transition period after losing quarterback Drew Brees to retirement. The return of Thomas -who has been the team’s most productive receiver in recent years- is a much-needed stabilizer for the offense, as the team tries to settle into life without Brees.

The Saints are in a great position to compete in the coming season, with new quarterback Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill vying for the starting job. Winston, in particular, will rely heavily on Thomas, who has caught over 500 passes for more than 5,500 yards since being drafted in 2016. Thomas’s return adds a formidable weapon to their passing game and provides experience and talent to their inexperienced quarterback.

Despite the difficult off-season, Thomas’s return to the Saints represents a significant boost to the team’s hopes for the upcoming season. With the quarterback battle underway, Thomas’s experience and productivity will be a valuable asset as the team seeks to contend in the NFC South division. For now, the fans can breathe a sigh of relief that their star receiver is back on board and ready to do what he does best: catch passes and make touchdowns.

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