Report: NHLPA unhappy with new Hockey Canada player screening

report nhlpa unhappy hockey canada player

The National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) has expressed concern over the latest player screening procedures implemented by Hockey Canada. According to reports, the NHLPA has conveyed its dissatisfaction to Hockey Canada over the lack of consultation with players and inconsistency in the screening process.

The new procedures were introduced as part of Hockey Canada’s Safe Sport initiative which aims to enhance player safety and wellbeing. The screening process involves a series of background checks and interviews with players to assess potential risks to their safety.

Under the new procedures, players are required to provide personal information, including names and contact details of friends and family members, as well as employment history and criminal background checks. Players are also required to participate in interviews with Hockey Canada officials, which some have deemed overly invasive.

While the NHLPA supports efforts to ensure player safety, it has raised concerns over the lack of communication and transparency in the screening process. According to reports, many players were not informed of the new procedures until the last minute and have not been given a clear understanding of how their personal information will be used.

In addition, the NHLPA is concerned about the inconsistency in the screening process. Some players have reported being asked more personal questions than others, while some have had the screening process waived altogether.

The NHLPA has called for Hockey Canada to provide more information and transparency around the new procedures, and to engage in meaningful consultation with players to ensure their privacy and rights are respected.

“While we fully support Hockey Canada’s efforts to ensure player safety and wellbeing, we are concerned about the lack of consultation and transparency around these new procedures,” said a spokesperson for the NHLPA. “Players deserve to have their privacy and rights respected, and we will work with Hockey Canada to ensure that this is the case.”

Hockey Canada has yet to respond to the NHLPA’s concerns, but it is hoped that the two organizations can work together to find a solution that protects the safety and privacy of players, while also ensuring that the game is played in a fair and equitable manner.

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