Phillies’ Bryce Harper ejected after Rockies reliever’s taunts spark benches-clearing dust-up

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On June 12, the Philadelphia Phillies faced off against the Colorado Rockies in a heated game that saw emotions running high. Things escalated quickly in the sixth inning when Phillies’ star outfielder Bryce Harper was ejected after a benches-clearing dust-up.

The incident occurred when Rockies reliever Gabe Klobosits, who was making his major league debut, threw a 97 mph fastball near Harper’s head. Harper immediately took issue with the pitch and exchanged some heated words with Klobosits.

Things quickly escalated when Harper charged the mound, prompting both benches to clear. However, the altercation was quickly broken up, and the game resumed after a lengthy delay.

It was later revealed that Klobosits had been taunting Harper from the bullpen before entering the game. It’s unclear what exactly was said, but it was enough to rile up the notoriously fiery Harper.

After the game, Phillies’ manager Joe Girardi expressed his frustration with the situation, saying, “You can’t be throwing at people’s heads. It’s scary. It’s wrong. It’s just not right.”

Harper also spoke out about the incident, saying, “I’m not going to take that. I’m sorry. That’s just not going to happen.”

Despite the altercation, the Phillies ultimately came out on top, winning the game 12-2. However, the team is likely still feeling the aftermath of the incident, as Harper is one of their key players and a fan favorite.

Unfortunately, dust-ups like this are not uncommon in baseball, as the sport has a long history of on-field altercations. However, it’s important for players to remember that they are role models for young fans and that their actions on the field can have serious consequences both for themselves and the game as a whole.

Hopefully, this incident serves as a reminder for everyone involved to keep their emotions in check and play the game with respect and sportsmanship.

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