Patriots-Eagles game is already most expensive ticket in NFL this season

Patriots Eagles game is already most expensive ticket in NFL this

The Patriots-Eagles game on November 17th is causing a stir in the NFL ticket market, with prices skyrocketing to make it the most expensive ticket of the season.

The game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia is set to bring together two of the most formidable teams in the league, making it an event that fans have been eagerly anticipating. With both the Patriots and the Eagles boasting impressive records this season, expectations are high for a nail-biting game.

But it’s not just the impressive teams that have fans clamoring for tickets. The Patriots-Eagles rivalry is one of the most intense in the NFL. The two teams have faced off in two Super Bowls in recent years, with the Eagles coming up on top in their last matchup in 2018. This only serves to add to the already electric atmosphere of the game.

All of this excitement has driven up the price of tickets for the game. According to data from TicketIQ, the average price for a ticket to the game is currently at $808. This is significantly higher than the next most expensive game, which is the Cowboys vs. Packers game in October with an average price of $693.

It’s not just the average price that’s been impacted by this game, however. The highest-priced ticket for the game is currently listed at an eye-watering $15,000. This is a hefty sum, but for some dedicated fans, the chance to watch their team take on their biggest rival is worth the price of admission.

It’s worth noting that the Patriots-Eagles game isn’t the only game that’s seen a surge in ticket prices this season. A number of high-profile matchups, including the Packers vs. Chiefs game and the Cowboys vs. Patriots game, have also seen significant price increases.

Overall, it’s clear that the Patriots-Eagles game is set to be one of the most exciting and expensive events of the NFL season. Whether you’re a Patriots or Eagles fan, or simply a lover of the sport, it’s a game that’s not to be missed.

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