Orioles’ confidence hasn’t been rocked after 3 close losses to good teams

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The Baltimore Orioles may have lost three consecutive close games to some good teams over the weekend, but their confidence hasn’t been shaken. Despite falling to the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, two of the American League’s top teams, by just one run each, the Orioles remain optimistic about their chances this season.

One of the reasons for this confidence is the team’s newfound resilience. In years past, the Orioles may have crumbled after losing multiple close games in a row. However, this season the team appears to be mentally tough and able to bounce back from setbacks.

“We know we’re a good team,” Orioles first baseman Trey Mancini said after Sunday’s loss to the Rays. “We’re not going to let three close games change that. We know we’re going to win a lot of games this season, and we’re going to keep battling until the very end.”

Another reason for the Orioles’ confidence is their young talent. Players like Mancini, Cedric Mullins, and Ryan Mountcastle have shown that they can compete with some of the league’s best. Mancini, in particular, has been a standout performer for the team this season, hitting .286 with 15 home runs and 42 RBIs.

Additionally, the Orioles’ pitching staff, which had been a weakness in recent years, has been surprisingly effective. Young starters like John Means and Keegan Akin have performed well, and the bullpen has been solid for the most part.

Of course, the Orioles’ schedule is only going to get tougher as the season progresses. They still have to face teams like the New York Yankees, Houston Astros, and Oakland Athletics, all of whom are among the best in the league. However, the team’s confidence hasn’t been rocked by their recent losses, and they remain focused on their ultimate goal of making the playoffs.

“We know we’re capable of playing with anybody,” Orioles manager Brandon Hyde said. “We just have to keep grinding and keep battling, and I think the wins will start to come.”

It’s still early in the season, but the Orioles have shown that they can compete with some of the league’s best. Whether or not they can continue to do so remains to be seen, but their confidence and resilience make them a dangerous team to underestimate.

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