Oilers’ Evander Kane could hear from NHL following unruly scrap vs. Vegas

oilers evander kane hear nhl following unruly

The Edmonton Oilers may soon hear from the NHL after their winger Evander Kane got involved in an unruly scrap with a few Vegas Golden Knights players during a game earlier this week. The incident, which took place during the second period of the game, saw Kane deliver some forceful hits on Knights’ player Zach Whitecloud before getting into a brawl with Knights’ forward Ryan Reaves.

Kane, who has a reputation for being a physical player, appeared to be angry during the game and was involved in multiple on-ice altercations with the Knights’ players. However, it was his fight with Reaves that has raised concerns and could lead to disciplinary action from the league.

In the fight, Kane appeared to throw several punches towards Reaves’ head, leading to the latter player receiving injuries. Reaves was also seen bleeding from the mouth after the incident. As per the league’s code of conduct, such incidents of excessive violence on the ice are strictly prohibited and can lead to fines, suspensions, or a combination of both.

The NHL has already sent a strong message to players with regards to such incidents, with a recent rule stating that players who instigate fights will receive a two-game suspension. While this rule was specifically aimed at protecting the safety of goalies, the league has been increasingly focused on limiting all kinds of violence on the ice.

While Kane’s actions may have been seen as an attempt to defend his teammates, the NHL will still need to consider the ramifications of such an incident. Kane, who is regarded as a valuable player for the Oilers, could face a suspension or a fine if the league finds his actions to be excessive or dangerous.

The Oilers have not yet released a statement on the issue, but it is likely that the team and the league will review the incident before deciding on the next course of action. It is important for all NHL players to understand that violence on the ice can lead to serious consequences, not just for the individuals involved but for their team as a whole.

As the NHL continues to evolve its code of conduct, it is important for players to remember that they are responsible for their actions on the ice and must work to promote fair play, sportsmanship, and respect both on and off the ice. Whether or not Kane receives any disciplinary action from the league, this incident serves as a reminder for all players to stay within the rules and respect the safety and well-being of their fellow players.

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