MLB trends: Cardinals’ surprising problem; Dodgers’ stolen-base issue; baseball’s least-powerful team

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The Major League Baseball season is well underway, with teams across the league grappling with numerous issues both on and off the field. From injuries to player disputes, there’s plenty happening behind the scenes of America’s favorite pastime. But what about some of the lesser-known trends that are emerging across the league?

Cardinals’ Surprising Problem

The St. Louis Cardinals are a franchise that’s renowned for its success over the years. However, this season, they’re experiencing some unexpected struggles, particularly when it comes to their bullpen. While the Cardinals’ starting rotation boasts some impressive names, the team is struggling with injuries and closer issues, which are making it difficult for them to hold onto leads. Additionally, the team is also struggling to score runs, ranking 10th in the National League in runs scored per game. With a 22-23 record, the Cardinals need to find a way to bounce back if they hope to make it to the playoffs this season.

Dodgers’ Stolen-Base Issue

The Los Angeles Dodgers are considered one of the best teams in baseball, thanks in part to their explosive offense. However, one area where the team is struggling this season is when it comes to stealing bases. The Dodgers’ success rate on stolen bases is just 60%, which ranks them among the worst teams in the league in that regard. While the team is still winning games, the inability to advance runners and take advantage of opportunities on the base paths could come back to haunt them later in the season.

Baseball’s Least-Powerful Team

There’s a common belief that home runs are the key to winning baseball games, but that’s not always the case. The Miami Marlins are currently the least powerful team in the league, with just 33 home runs through their first 47 games. The team is averaging just 2.9 runs per game, the fewest in the National League. However, the Marlins are winning games on the strength of their pitching staff, which has been one of the best in the league this season. While it might not be the flashiest style of play, it’s been effective for the Marlins so far this season.

In conclusion, as the MLB season progresses, we can expect more trends and surprises to emerge across the league. While some teams will continue to struggle, others will find ways to overcome adversity and thrive. As fans, we’ll be eagerly watching to see which teams come out on top when the season comes to a close.

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