MLB Star Power Index: Bryce Harper makes fashion statement, Fernando Tatis Jr. feels force of well-placed ad


The MLB Star Power Index is a weekly ranking of the baseball players who have captured the attention of fans for their on-field performance and off-field antics. This week, the Index is dominated by two young stars – Bryce Harper and Fernando Tatis Jr.

Harper, the former MVP and current Philadelphia Phillies outfielder, has always been known for his flamboyant style both on and off the field. However, this week he took things to a whole new level by wearing a headband with the words “Make Baseball Fun Again” emblazoned across it during a game. The phrase is a reference to Harper’s 2016 campaign, during which he famously donned a hat with the same slogan.

While some criticized Harper for being more focused on style than substance, others hailed him for speaking up on an issue that they feel is crucial for the future of baseball. After all, with home runs at an all-time high and strikeout rates through the roof, many fans feel that the game has become too boring and predictable. Harper’s outfit was a fun way to call attention to this issue and generate some much-needed buzz for the sport.

Meanwhile, Tatis Jr. – the San Diego Padres shortstop who has taken the league by storm with his prodigious power and flashy play – found himself on the Index for a somewhat different reason. During a recent game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tatis was hit with a slap on his wrist by Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts, who was trying to tag him out on a steal attempt.

The play itself wasn’t particularly notable, but what happened next certainly was. After the game, Tatis was seen wearing a cast on his hand, which featured a prominent advertisement for a local jewelry company. Some fans were amused by the clever placement of the ad, while others felt that it was in poor taste to use a player’s injury for commercial gain.

In any case, there’s no denying that Tatis has become one of the biggest stars in baseball in just a few short months. With his electric play on the field and charismatic personality off of it, he’s won over fans across the league and is sure to be a fixture on the Star Power Index for years to come.

Overall, this week’s Index is a testament to the power of personality in baseball. While performance on the field is obviously important, it’s the players who can capture the imagination of fans with their style, attitude, and off-field antics who truly stand out in today’s game. Bryce Harper and Fernando Tatis Jr. are just two examples of the many young stars who are making the sport fun and exciting again for a new generation of fans.

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