MLB prospect intel: Scouts on Henry Davis, Evan Carter and other news and notes


Major League Baseball is full of exciting young players, and scouts are always on the hunt for the next big thing. With the 2021 MLB Draft just around the corner, teams are closely watching potential prospects and analyzing their potential.

One player generating a lot of buzz right now is Henry Davis, a catcher out of the University of Louisville. Scouts have been impressed by Davis’ offensive skills, including his power at the plate and excellent bat speed. He has shown good plate discipline, drawing walks and minimizing strikeouts. Defensively, Davis is a strong receiver with a quick release. Many scouts believe he has the potential to be a star in the big leagues.

Another prospect to keep an eye on is Evan Carter, an outfielder out of Elizabethton High School in Tennessee. Scouts have been impressed by Carter’s strong arm and athleticism in the field, as well as his ability to hit for both power and average. Some have compared him to a young Nick Swisher, and with his all-around abilities, he could be a great asset to any team.

In addition to these top prospects, there are plenty of other players who are generating interest among scouts and analysts. CJ Abrams, an infielder in the San Diego Padres organization, has shown impressive speed and great potential as a leadoff hitter. Riley Greene, an outfielder in the Detroit Tigers organization, has a smooth left-handed swing and could be a significant threat at the plate.

Among pitchers, Jack Leiter out of Vanderbilt University has been attracting attention for his excellent fastball and dominant strikeout ability. Kumar Rocker, Leiter’s teammate at Vanderbilt, has also been turning heads with his pitching skills.

While there are always risks in drafting young players, teams are closely analyzing the potential of each prospect and trying to determine who will best fit their needs. With the 2021 draft just days away, it will be fascinating to see which teams come out on top and which prospects live up to their potential.

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