Kenley Jansen’s milestone and a can’t-miss Joey Gallo double play

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Kenley Jansen’s Milestone and a Can’t-Miss Joey Gallo Double Play

Kenley Jansen has had quite the successful career as the closer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. This past week, he reached a milestone that not many pitchers have accomplished. Jansen recorded his 300th career save in a game against the New York Mets. He did so by striking out all three batters he faced in the ninth inning, securing a 3-2 victory for the Dodgers.

Jansen is now the 33rd pitcher in Major League Baseball history to reach 300 saves. He joins the likes of Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, and Billy Wagner, all of whom are considered some of the greatest closers in baseball history. Jansen has been a consistent force out of the bullpen for the Dodgers, recording at least 25 saves in each of the past eight seasons.

One of the biggest strengths of Jansen is his ability to strike out batters. He has recorded over 900 strikeouts in his career, with a career strikeout rate of 13.2 per nine innings pitched. Jansen’s ability to limit contact and get batters swinging and missing has helped him become one of the most feared closers in the game.

In addition to Jansen’s milestone, there was also a can’t-miss moment in a game between the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels. Rangers’ outfielder Joey Gallo hit a rocket of a line drive to right field that looked like it was going to drop for a hit. However, Angels’ right fielder Taylor Ward made an incredible diving catch, then quickly threw to first base to complete a double play and end the inning.

The catch was one of the best of the season and showcased Ward’s athleticism and defensive ability. Gallo is known for hitting balls hard and far, so to make a play like this was quite impressive. The double play was crucial as well, as the Rangers had two runners on base at the time. Ward’s catch and throw helped keep the game tied, and the Angels went on to win in extra innings.

Overall, Jansen’s milestone and Ward’s incredible double play were two highlights of the week in Major League Baseball. Both players showcased why they are among the best in the game at their respective positions. As the season goes on, fans can look forward to more memorable moments like these from some of the top players in the game.

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