Eno Sarris’ Opening Day Watch Party and Panel at Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn

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On Thursday, April 1st, a crowd gathered at Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn for baseball writer Eno Sarris’ Opening Day Watch Party and Panel. The event was a celebration of the return of baseball and featured an expert panel to discuss the upcoming season and share their predictions.

Eno Sarris is a seasoned baseball writer, currently working for The Athletic and previously for Fangraphs. He is widely known for his in-depth analysis of the sport, and his passion for baseball was on full display at the event.

The panel included several experts in the field, including Alan Nathan, a physicist and baseball researcher who has worked with Major League Baseball on issues such as bat and ball specifications. Other panelists included baseball writer and author Rob Arthur, and baseball analyst Joe Sheehan.

The lively discussion covered topics such as the effect of the pandemic on the upcoming season, predictions for the playoff teams, and the role of analytics in baseball. The panelists also engaged with the audience and took questions from fans throughout the evening.

The event was held in the spacious Other Half Brewing Company, allowing social distancing to be maintained. Attendees enjoyed watching the opening day games together and drinking the local brewery’s tasty beers.

Eno Sarris’ Opening Day Watch Party and Panel was a fantastic way to kick off the 2021 baseball season. The expert panel provided valuable insights into the sport, and the atmosphere was electric as fans gathered to celebrate their love of baseball.

Overall, Eno Sarris’ Opening Day Watch Party and Panel was a great success, and attendees left excited for the upcoming season. With events like this, the return of baseball is something to look forward to, and it feels like the sport is truly back.

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