Draymond Green facing suspension after 16th technical

draymond green facing suspension 16th technical

Golden State Warriors’ power forward Draymond Green has been hit with another technical foul in the team’s recent match against the Charlotte Hornets, marking his 16th technical foul during the 2020-21 season. Given that this is the threshold for receiving an automatic one-game suspension, Green could miss the team’s upcoming match against the New York Knicks.

Green has had a reputation for being one of the more vocal and fiery players in the league, and his attitude and actions on the court have often drawn scrutiny from officials. This has led to him receiving a large number of technical fouls over the years, with the current season being no exception.

While Green has been able to play through many of these technicals, there comes a point in the season where accumulating too many of them results in suspension. The NBA rules dictate that players receive a one-game suspension for every two technicals received after the 16th one.

This means that if Green receives his 17th technical foul during the course of any of the remaining games this season, he will face an additional one-game suspension. This would be a significant blow to the Warriors’ playoff chances, with Green being one of the driving forces behind their success this season.

However, the Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr has said that the team is not too worried about Green’s technical foul situation, as they are confident in his ability to control his emotions and play within the rules of the game. Kerr also noted that the team has been working with Green to improve his behavior on the court, and that he has been making strides in this area.

Regardless of the outcome of Green’s technical foul situation, the Warriors will need him to remain focused and disciplined throughout the remainder of the season. With the team currently sitting in eighth place in the Western Conference, they will need all of their key players to step up and perform at their best in order to secure a spot in the playoffs.

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