Dodgers’ Mookie Betts opts for Airbnb over Milwaukee’s allegedly haunted Pfister Hotel during road trip

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Mookie Betts, the star outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, recently made headlines for opting to stay at an Airbnb rather than the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee during a road trip. The reason? The Pfister Hotel is allegedly haunted, and Betts didn’t want to take any chances.

The Pfister Hotel, which opened in 1893, has long been rumored to be haunted by the ghost of its founder, Charles Pfister, as well as a number of other spirits. There have been countless reports of strange occurrences at the hotel, including unexplained sounds, moving objects, and even sightings of ghostly apparitions.

Despite its haunted reputation, the Pfister Hotel is still a popular choice for many travelers, especially during baseball season when the Dodgers come to town to face off against the Milwaukee Brewers. But for Betts, the idea of staying in a haunted hotel was simply too much.

Instead, Betts decided to book an Airbnb for his stay in Milwaukee. According to reports, he even went so far as to pay extra to have the entire house to himself, rather than sharing it with other guests.

While some may see Betts’ decision as a bit superstitious or overly cautious, it’s not uncommon for athletes to have routines or rituals that they believe bring them luck or help them perform at their best. And if Betts believes that staying in a haunted hotel could potentially have a negative impact on his game, it’s understandable that he would want to avoid it.

Of course, not everyone believes in ghosts or hauntings, and some may see the legend of the Pfister Hotel as nothing more than a fun bit of local lore. But for those who do believe in the paranormal, the idea of staying in a haunted hotel can be a legitimately unsettling experience.

Regardless of where one stands on the issue, it’s clear that Betts’ decision to stay in an Airbnb rather than the Pfister Hotel has sparked plenty of conversation and media attention. And whether or not the hotel is actually haunted, it’s always interesting to see how athletes handle the various quirks and challenges of life on the road.

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