Colts could take action against Commanders for Andrew Luck tampering

Colts could take action against Commanders for Andrew Luck tampering

The Indianapolis Colts have been left fuming after recent news emerged of the Washington Commanders allegedly attempting to tamper with former Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck. The Colts are reportedly considering taking action against the Commanders for what they perceive to be unethical behavior.

Andrew Luck is no longer part of the NFL, having retired in 2019 at just 29 years old. However, rumors have swirled that he is considering making a comeback. The Commanders, a team in need of a quarterback after having traded former starter Alex Smith, were reportedly interested in Luck and allegedly reached out to him.

The Colts, who still hold Luck’s rights, were not informed of these conversations and only learned of them through media reports. This has left the Colts feeling disrespected and questioning the integrity of the league’s tampering rules.

The NFL’s tampering rules prohibit teams from contacting a player who is under contract with another team. The rules are in place to ensure a fair and competitive league, but they are not always respected.

Several teams have been fined in the past for tampering, including the New England Patriots, who were fined $1.1 million and lost a third-round draft pick for illegally recording the signals of their opponents.

If the Colts do decide to take action against the Commanders, they could file a complaint with the league and ask for an investigation. The league could then fine the Commanders and potentially take away draft picks.

The Commanders have denied any wrongdoing and have stated that they did not contact Luck directly. They claim that they only reached out to his agent, who did not respond to their inquiries.

It remains to be seen what action the Colts will take, if any. However, this incident has once again highlighted the issue of tampering in the NFL and the need for stricter enforcement of the rules.

In the end, the Colts have the right to protect their assets, and Andrew Luck is still technically under contract with them. The Commanders, like all teams, should respect the rules of the league and not engage in any illegal tampering activities. Only time would tell if the Colts would take any action or not.

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