Brad Treliving drawing interest for NHL front-office openings

brad treliving drawing interest nhl front office

Brad Treliving has been drawing a lot of attention lately in the NHL for his impressive work as general manager of the Calgary Flames. With multiple front-office openings across the league, Treliving’s name has come up as a potential candidate for a number of teams in need of new leadership.

Treliving’s success with the Flames is hard to ignore. He took over as GM in 2014 and has since guided the team to four playoff appearances, including a trip to the Pacific Division final in 2019. His ability to make savvy trades and signings has been a key part of Calgary’s success, and his reputation in the league has only grown stronger as a result.

One of the biggest reasons for Treliving’s success is his ability to work within a budget. He has shown a keen eye for finding affordable talent, both in the draft and through free agency. His focus on building from within has also paid off, with many of the Flames’ top prospects making an impact at the NHL level.

Given his track record, it’s no surprise that Treliving has been garnering interest from other teams. The Buffalo Sabres, who recently fired their GM, have been linked to Treliving as a potential replacement. The Pittsburgh Penguins, who are reportedly considering a front-office restructure, are also said to be keeping an eye on him.

But Treliving has made it clear that he’s happy in Calgary and that his focus is on bringing a championship to the Flames. “I’m 100% committed to the Flames,” he said in an interview with Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman. “I love working in this city, I love working for this team, and I’m very proud of the people I work with.”

At the same time, Treliving knows that his success in Calgary has opened doors for him. He’s been forthright about his willingness to hear out other opportunities, saying in the same interview, “You’re always open to listening.”

For now, Treliving remains focused on the Flames and their upcoming season. But with his reputation as one of the league’s top GMs, it’s likely that his name will continue to come up whenever a front-office opening arises. Whether or not he ultimately leaves Calgary remains to be seen, but there’s no denying that Treliving has established himself as a highly sought-after NHL executive.

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