2023 offseason preview for Utah Jazz

2023 offseason preview utah jazz

As the 2023 offseason approaches, the Utah Jazz will have some important decisions to make in order to maintain their competitive position in the Western Conference. With franchise cornerstone Donovan Mitchell locked up long-term, the Jazz will be focused on building a championship-caliber team around him.

One key decision the Jazz will face is what to do with all-star center Rudy Gobert. Gobert will be a free agent in 2024, and the Jazz will have to decide whether to extend him or explore trade options. While Gobert is a two-time Defensive Player of the Year, his offensive limitations and high salary could make him expendable, especially if the Jazz can acquire another star to pair with Mitchell.

Speaking of salaries, another major challenge facing the Jazz is the large contracts of veterans Mike Conley and Joe Ingles. Both players will be in the final year of their contracts in 2023, and it’s unclear whether the Jazz will look to extend one or both of them or pursue younger, more affordable options. However, if the Jazz do decide to part ways with either player, they will have to find suitable replacements in order to maintain their depth and experience.

The Jazz also have some promising young players on their roster who could play a bigger role in the coming years. Forward Bojan Bogdanovic has been a consistent scorer and floor-spacer for the Jazz, and his contract runs through 2024. Meanwhile, second-year guard Trent Forrest has shown flashes of potential as a playmaker and defender, and his development could be crucial for the Jazz’s future success.

In terms of potential free agent or trade targets, there are a number of intriguing options for the Jazz to consider. All-star forward Pascal Siakam has been the subject of trade rumors with the Toronto Raptors, and could be a great fit alongside Mitchell. Other potential targets could include young guards like Collin Sexton or Dejounte Murray, or proven veterans like Kyle Lowry or Marc Gasol.

Overall, the 2023 offseason will be a critical time for the Utah Jazz as they look to sustain and improve upon their recent success. With a talented young core and experienced veterans, the Jazz have all the pieces in place to compete for championships in the coming years. It will be fascinating to see how they maneuver through trade and free agency in order to build a championship-caliber team around Donovan Mitchell.

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