2023 MLB picks, odds, best bets for Monday, May 15 from top model: This three-way parlay pays well over 7-1

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With the MLB season currently in full swing, bettors are constantly on the lookout for promising picks, odds, and best bets. One particularly promising pick comes from a reputable source: a top model predicting a three-way parlay for Monday, May 15 with a payout of over 7-1.

The model, which has a proven track record of success in predicting baseball outcomes, is recommending a three-way parlay that involves taking the Boston Red Sox (-1.5 runs), the New York Yankees to beat the Baltimore Orioles, and the San Francisco Giants to beat the Cincinnati Reds.

The Red Sox are currently one of the hottest teams in baseball, sitting atop the American League East with a record of 25-17. They are set to face off against the Oakland Athletics, who have struggled this season with a record of 22-22. The model predicts that the Red Sox will not only win the game, but also cover the spread of -1.5 runs.

The Yankees are another strong pick, as they prepare to play the Baltimore Orioles who have the worst record in the American League at 16-30. The Yankees, on the other hand, have a record of 27-19 and are currently in second place in the American League East. The model predicts that they will win the game outright.

Lastly, the San Francisco Giants are set to face the Cincinnati Reds. The Giants have had a decent season thus far, with a record of 23-16, while the Reds have struggled with a record of 19-22. The model predicts that the Giants will take home the victory.

By combining these three picks into one three-way parlay, bettors can enjoy an impressive payout of over 7-1. While all three of these games are far from guaranteed, the model has a proven track record of success and is worth considering for bettors looking to make a smart wager.

In conclusion, the MLB season is in full swing and promising picks, odds, and best bets are constantly being analyzed. A top model is predicting a three-way parlay for Monday, May 15 that involves betting on the Red Sox (-1.5 runs), the Yankees to beat the Orioles, and the Giants to beat the Reds. While not a guaranteed outcome, the model has a proven track record of success and offers bettors a solid option for a high-payout parlay.

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