2023 Los Angeles Rams schedule analysis

2023 Los Angeles Rams schedule analysis

As we look towards the 2023 NFL season, fans of the Los Angeles Rams are already beginning to analyze and predict their team’s performance based on the recently released schedule.

One of the most notable aspects of the 2023 Rams schedule is the number of prime time games. Los Angeles is set to feature in five prime time games, including two Monday Night Football matchups, two Sunday Night Football matchups, and one Thursday Night Football game. This indicates that the league expects the Rams to be a strong contender and a team worth watching.

The season kicks off for the Rams on September 10th with a home game against the Seattle Seahawks, followed by a road game versus the New Orleans Saints. Los Angeles will face some tough opponents throughout the season, including games against division rivals, the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers. They also have a tough stretch in November with matchups against the Green Bay Packers, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Baltimore Ravens.

One particular matchup that many fans have already circled on their calendars is the Rams’ November 19th game against the New England Patriots. This game will see the return of Tom Brady to Los Angeles, in what is sure to be an emotional and exciting game for both players and fans alike.

Another notable feature of the Rams’ schedule is the fact that they have a bye week in Week 4. While early bye weeks can sometimes be a disadvantage, it may work in the Rams’ favor as it gives them a chance to regroup and get healthy before a stretch of tough games.

Overall, the 2023 schedule looks challenging for the Rams, but with a talented roster and a top-notch coaching staff led by Sean McVay, the team should be up for the task. Fans will be eagerly anticipating the start of the season and hoping for a strong push towards the playoffs. As always, only time will tell, but the future certainly looks bright for the Los Angeles Rams.

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